WordPress Wednesdays – Tracking Success

Wordpress WednesdaysOkay, so you’ve gotten your new WordPress website and/or blog all set up. It looks great, and you’ve been writing lots of great posts. You have a plan moving forward, and all is well. Now what? Well, how many people are visiting your site? What are they looking at? Which posts are generating interest, and which are falling flat?


All of this is important to know, not only to see how you’re doing and what successes you’re having, but also to figure out what isn’t working and how you can change it.


The best way to get all of this information is to install Google Analytics to your site.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Click ‘Create Account’ and follow all the steps (Ideally, if you have a gmail account, log in first, which will make this easier.  If not, you may want to get one to use as a back-up for your incoming email)
  3. Install the Google Analyticator plugin into WordPress
  4. Enter the tracking code from Google Analytics
  5. Ensure you are logged into your account, and click the link to authenticate

Once you’ve followed all these steps, check with Google Analytics to ensure everything is working properly.  If so, you’ll start seeing results in about 24 hours.

Even if you aren’t anticipating wanting to look at these results right away, you are best to set up tracking as soon as possible (ideally, as soon as the site is launched).  This will give you the most history to look back on in the future.

Using Google Analytics is a topic for another day, but once you’ve set up tracking, you’ll likely want to check in at least once a month to see how things are going.  You may even wish to set up Google Analytics to automatically send you a monthly report, which can be customized to suit your needs.

If you have questions or would like to have AWEBthatWORKS set up, configure, or help interpret your Google Analytics, we’re always happy to help.

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