WordPress Wednesdays–The power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

Blue seal with W that says WordPress WednesdaysContinuing on the theme from last week: now that you’ve got all these great RSS feeds, what to do with them? There are many, many things these can do for you, but here are some of our most recommended options:

  1. Include an icon on your site, so visitors who use RSS feeds will be able to connect to your content this way. They’ll use an RSS Feed Reader, which basically downloads your new content as it comes available, and they can then check in anytime and read the newest items.
  2. Include your feed in your Facebook PageI using an app. This will automatically import anything you post on your blog into Facebook, so you don’t have to enter the same information over again.
  3. Include your feed address in your LinkedIn profile. Similar to Facebook, this will import new posts as they are added. LinkedIn has had some problems with this functionaility, so keep an eye on this one.
  4. Submit your feed to content syndication services. These sites will share your content with their visitors, who in most cases will be linked back to your website. This can spread your content to new customers.
  5. Use a tool like TwitterFeed to import your new posts into your Twitter account.
  6. Use the RSS import widget to import a list of blog posts from other sites you run, or other sites you like. See if you can find some other bloggers who you can team up with and exchange RSS feeds.

By setting up these tools properly, you’ll save yourself time, and the possibility of making mistakes by repeating the same thing over and over.

If you’d like any help getting your everything set up to import from your other accounts, please feel free to give us a call.

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