WordPress Wednesdays–Thank a blogger; leave a comment

Wordpress WednesdaysAs you know if you’re a blogger, comments are feedback from people who are actually reading your posts. But sometimes, it can feel like you are writing and writing, but no one is taking any notice.

Let’s all help a blogger, and make a comment on one of their posts today. If you find a great article, take a deep breath and tell them how much you appreciate their contributions to the Internet. If you’re out there making comments on other sites, people are more likely to visit yours and leave a comment there too.

A few tips on leaving comments:


  • DO say something which may help to generate conversation, either by adding more details, sharing a tip
  • DO make sure you add a comment if the blog post has helped you – especially if it is something which is really valuable
  • DO try to make your comment useful and insightful
  • DO put in a link to your website – bloggers can remove this if they want, but it’s nice to get your link out here
  • DO thank and support the blogger to keep them motivated to provide great content


  • DON’T say something so generic that you might be mistaken for a spammer. “Great job!” with a link back to your site looks more like you’re trying to get a link than anything useful to the author
  • DON’T say anything you wouldn’t want repeated. This comment may be seen by anyone reading the post after you. This is especially important if you add a link to your site, as people may follow it to find out more about you
  • DON’T be overly critical; someone worked hard to put the information together. If you disagree, or feel the information isn’t correct, try to be tactful and use constructive criticism

One other strategy you may wish to try: see if you can find a few friends or associates and create a comment circle. Basically, you’re each making a commitment to regularly visit each other’s websites and leave comments. Many people are okay leaving the second comment, but leaving the first one can be more of a challenge.

So find a blog and leave a comment today. Feel free to make it this one, but try to branch out a bit!

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  1. Looks like I just found a blog to comment on. I like the information you provided and the "create a comment circle" is an interesting concept.

  2. Thanks for this article nice one. Love it

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