WordPress Wednesdays – Premium Themes

Wordpress WednesdaysAs we were discussing last week, WordPress has many great themes available for free which you can use on your site. There are also many premium themes available. Depending on what you are looking for, and your budget, starting with a premium theme may be a great starting point.

Elegant Themes

This site offers a great package, your annual subscription includes access to all of their themes, and they add new themes every month or so. If you want to use their themes on more than one site, they also offer a developer package which lets you use them on as many sites as you’d like. I find these themes are a bit more polished and more sophisticated graphically than many of the ones on the WordPress site. If they suit your brand, these themes may be a great starting point. As well, many of the themes offer several different colour options, and some have even more customization options.

Theme Forest

Theme forest is another site which offers premium WordPress Themes. They tend to have a good price point, starting at about $35/theme. Their themes are sorted by type, so if one of these suits you, you’re best to start there, but you may wish to look at the other themes as well, they may also work well for your site. You’ll also see the number of sales of each theme. You may want to stay away from those which have sold really well, because it means your site might look like another. That being said, unless you are bowled over, you may want to stay away from those with very few sales (unless they are very new), as there may be a reason.

Once you’ve selected a premium theme, you’ll likely still want to work with your graphic designer or programmer to further customize the look to suit your brand perfectly. We’d love to work with you to perfect your site!

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