WordPress Wednesdays – Maximizing your video exposure

Wordpress WednesdaysThis week, we’ll be talking about videos. Videos make a wonderful addition to your website – they are dynamic, exciting, and allow you to connect to your visitors on a different level than regular text would. Whether you are creating professional quality videos, or creating a video log using your web cam, video can be very powerful.

Anytime you have a video which might give visitors an insight into you or your business, you should post it onto your blog. This gives you more content for your visitors, it is quick and easy to do, and keeps your site looking up to date.

The next question is how to upload video to your blog. There are many tools and plugins available, but for most people we’d suggest setting up a YouTube channel and uploading your videos there. YouTube is the most used site for video, and by including your videos on the site, you have a better chance of appearing to a wider audience. Someone may run across the video, be interested in it, and then seek out your website. As well, many search engines are now featuring video results, and quite often these come from YouTube. Be sure to include a link to your website from your YouTube profile, and you may also want to include a YouTube icon on your site, for those visitors who respond best to video.

Once the video has been uploaded, you can click on it to watch it, and then choose ‘Embed’, and select the options you’d like (size, colour, etc.). You can then take the code which YouTube provides, switch to HTML mode in your ‘Add Post’ view, and paste in the code. Voila! Now you have a video which can be viewed by visitors to your website, and which can also be found by the millions of visitors YouTube gets each day.

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