WordPress Wednesdays–Making yer sidebar purdy

WordPress iconOne of the really great features of WordPress is the dynamic widget bars. Using your dashboard you can click and drag items in and out, so you can always ensure that your most important information, best specials, and key information is right there for visitors. That being said, you might not always want to hire a graphic designer to create plugs for every single thing you’re offering, and you may not want to hire a programmer for that dinky little bit of html code.

Now, when you’re creating new posts or pages for your site, you get a fantastic tool bar so you can easily add in links, make your text bold or italics, even change the colours!  Now, we don’t normally recommend changes the colours (because if you want to update your theme later, you’ll need to go back through and update every page to suit the new look), but this is a special exception. Why not take advantage of those tools to do the hard part for you?

So, create new post or page, use the tools to add links, make all your cool updates, etc. using Visual mode, then switch to HTML mode, grab all that icky-looking code, and paste into a text widget in the sidebar. When you view the site, it should look very similar to the page preview. If you keep the code saved in a private or draft page somewhere, you can easily come back, make tweaks and update your sidebar. Alternately, you can paste sidebar code into a post/page in HTML mode, then switch to visual to edit.

Demo video:

[youtube id=”CrweAR82Nb8″]


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  1. Philip says:

    I really liked that demo video that you posted. WordPress is my commenting platform and I have been using it for the past two years in my blog. Getting a new toolbar was a relatively new idea for me. I will try that out soon.

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