WordPress Wednesdays–Jazzing up your Backgrounds

WordPress iconI just rediscovered a really cool site, which I thought might be useful to many of you. Instead of using a plain, solid coloured background on your website – either for the back of the site, your footer, or even your main content areas, why not add a cool pattern? For that matter, why not add these to your Twitter and YouTube Channels?

How about a background behind a quote or testimonial?

Using you can do just that! There are tons of background designs, and you can create your own using your corporate colours by simply entering the hex codes, or using a colour picker. Make them as bold or subtle as you like.

There are 225 different patterns available which typically use between 2-5 colours, and you can use effects to add some texture to the pattern, as well as being able to resize the scale. The interface is super easy to use, just pick the design you like, enter your colours and go!


In just a few minutes I had a whole series of cool, repeating background images, using the colours from our logo!

If you’re not sure where to start, please contact us and we can make suggestions on how to jazz up your site design in a few easy steps!

If you add a cool background from the site onto your site, leave a comment so we can all ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ at it!

3 Responses to WordPress Wednesdays–Jazzing up your Backgrounds

  1. Ronald Brown says:

    I’m not really a fan of fancy backgrounds because it may affect the loading of my page. I always want my site to be simple like google. I’m focused on web site performance.

    • Katy says:

      Ronald, I completely agree with you: simplicity and load times are super important. However, if you take these patterns and run them through an optimization tool, like the ones here: you can reduce the file size further. Because you can use a small pattern tile to repeat across the entire background of the site, you can get a full screen background for only a few KBs, so it’ll load really quick for visitors.
      I wouldn’t actually use any of these as a web background, but something more subtle and tone on tone might be nice for more simple designs, to add a bit more interest than a stark white page.

  2. Madiha says:

    really nice collection keep it up thanks for sharing

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