WordPress Wednesdays – Google to the rescue!

Wordpress WednesdaysOne of the greatest things I’ve found about WordPress is the support you can get from the Internet community. Today, I was working on the new graphic you see at the top left of this post, and I was trying a bunch of different things to get it just right. Basically, I was making small tweaks to the image file, and then I had to upload it as a new file under Media, embed it into the page, and check to see how it looks. Another tweak, and then do the same thing all over again.

I asked around the office – did anyone know if I could simply replace the graphic in the media file, rather than having to create a new one every single time? Everyone shrugged and said that no, they didn’t think you could so that. I knew I could do it using ftp, but that can be a pain, and it doesn’t offer all the built-in image resizing of WordPress.

Google to the rescue! I simply searched for ‘replace WordPress media file’ and the perfect plugin immediately popped up in my search results. As a side note, I’ve also noticed that Google is now showing the ranking of the plugin, and how many votes it has received, which is fabulous, as I normally look for plugins which have a reasonable number of reviews (more than 10, and the more the better). To me, this means that lots of people thought it was great, not just the person who built it and their husband and their mom.

So I wanted to share this handy plug-in with all of you: Enable Media Replace. You can load it right from your WordPress dashboard, and it simply allows you to upload a new image file, to replace the existing one. This is handy now, but once I’ve embedded that same graphic in 100 posts, and we decide to rebrand the column, I can simply make the change in one place, and it will be updated all across the site, which will save me hours.

Hope this plug-in will help you and, if nothing else, that the tip of trying a quick Google search when you run into problems will help. Of course, AWEBthatWORKS is always happy to help, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, remember, we’re only a phone call away!

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