WordPress Wednesdays – A Few Handy Tips

It’s funny; I’ve been working with WordPress for years now, and I keep finding new, cool things about it. It’s possible these are upgrades to the programming which weren’t available in previous versions, but I suspect that part of it is just that there are so many facets to the CMS tools.

Today, I was updating the dates on a whole bunch of blog posts. I’d checked each one off that I wanted to update, and was hoping that the Bulk Edit tool would let me do a change to the date on every post. Unfortunately, this option isn’t available (which makes sense – why would you want all your posts to have the same date anyway!). However, as I went through each post to “Quick Edit” them, I noticed that as I updated each one, the checkmark was removed. This let me keep track and double-check that I got them all, by simply scanning through them when I was done to ensure all the checkmarks were removed. Super handy!

Another great tip – if you are doing a lot of work with images in your posts, Firefox has a great feature which some of the other browsers don’t. If you grab the corner of an image using the visual tab in the CMS, you can drag in and out to resize the images (holding shift will keep the proportions the same). On sites which have really carefully laid out images, this makes it much easier to get each one to be the perfect size. I’ve been using this tool for some time, but when I recommended it to someone, it didn’t work in their browser. One note: you don’t want to resize the images too far from their original, so when inserting the image you’ll want to choose the one closest to your final size. If you resize them up too far they’ll look blurry, and if you shrink them a lot, they will take longer to load for visitors.

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