Special: WordPress Upgrade

We’re pleased to announce that your WordPress site is ready for an upgrade! You’ll gain access to an updated, easy-to-use interface, new features, new plugins and increased website security.

Our talented team will:

  • back up your site files and database
  • upgrade your WordPress site and plugins
  • test your site to ensure all updates are working harmoniously

And for a limited time only, we’ll perform your ugrade – complete with back-up and testing – for only $99!

If you prefer to self-manage, upgrading can be do-it-yourself task, but we strongly recommend taking the time to back up your website and database before doing so – better safe than sorry! If you do take the DIY route, perform your update during business hours, so that – should an issue arise – you can take advantage of AWEBthatWORKS’ stellar support staff at our regular rate.

If your site’s ready for a hassle-free upgrade, contact AWEBthatWORKS today and ask for our #WPspecial!

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