A Current-Day Example of Why It Pays to Manage Your Brand

Not sure video marketing or regular brand management are key priorities for your company?

October gives us a prime example of how positive social media management can reap amazing results!

Last week, a frustrated gentleman posted on the Facebook wall of Bodyform, a popular sanitary napkin company. His satirical post pokes an accusatory (but satirical) finger at the company’s over-the-top, cheerful commercials about a woman’s “wonderful time of the month.” And his post suddenly began attracting a lot of attention, generating over 94,000 “Likes” and over 4000 comments to date.

Bodyfom Facebook post

While Richard was clearly just having some tongue-in-cheek fun at Bodyform’s expense, someone on their social media marketing team envisioned this moment of potential PR disaster as a fantastic opportunity. On Tuesday – just a week later – Bodyform posted their delightful video-reply.

In its first 3 days, Bodyform’s response video has already generated over 2 million YouTube hits, popping up all over Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social share sites!

So what’s the lesson here?

1. Keep a close eye on your brand. Watch for negative or viral content, and respond quickly and professionally. Don’t be afraid to turn a bad situation into a great opportunity.

2. Video for the win! The level of engagement with video content is unbelievable! How can your brand use video to your advantage?

Ready to create some viral video content of your own? Give us a call; we’re happy to help!

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  1. Too funny Anne. Great post! Thanks for the giggle!

  2. That was awesome video response. I loved it.

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