What would you like to learn about WordPress?

WordPress Wednesdays LogoSo, we’ve been putting out all kinds of fabulous articles on WordPress Wednesdayschoosing a themegenerating backgrounds, how to create an email form, and so much more!  And don’t worry, there is tons more where that came from, I have so very many things I’d love to share with you!

That being said, I thought I’d check in and see how you’re liking what you’re seeing?  Are there any topics which we’ve missed?  Is there a particular format which you prefer – videos, tutorials, reviews?  My aim is to give you what you want, so let me know!

If you’re finding even the links overwhelming, you may want to sign up for one of our Build Your Own WordPress Workshops.  Even if you’ve been before, come for a refresher to catch up.   I’d give Sue a call, I’m pretty sure she can offer you a deal.

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