What are your terms and conditions?

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in Canadian Dollars, and do not include applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

To move forward on a quote project, we require a retainer for half project total, as well as a signed copy of the proposal. Work will be invoiced as each stage is completed, however further payment is not required until the retainer has been depleted.

Prices assume that all text and graphics will be supplied in acceptable digital format before project start. Any text, graphics, additions or deletions received after project starts will be considered website management and be billed out on an hourly basis. Unless otherwise noted, time has not been reserved for to load content for your website into a CMS or CMS module. If interested, we can send a quote for this item.

Custom design cost allows for a maximum of six (6) hours of creative time.

All programming rates are based on the website being hosted on our servers which provide PHP and mySQL support. If there is another provider you would prefer to use, although we’re happy to work with them, there may be a surcharge for time required to familiarized ourselves with their systems and setup.

Contents of all estimate/quote documents are confidential and intended solely for the viewing and use by the identified recipient and

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