Turn $20 into $2000 for Feed the Need in Durham Food Bank–answer my $20 challenge #CarterDHL

Yesterday at the Day of Hope and Leadership Conference I (and the other 300 attendees) were given $20 bill and a challenge to invest the $20 in a manner that impacts Durham Region within 48 hours, and ideally grow it into $2000.

I’ve decided to give my $20 to Feed the Need Durham and I challenge you to match my donation to this non-profit, charitable organization that is fighting to end hunger through member agencies located in neighbourhoods across the Durham Region.

Please donate generously and/or share with your friends!

7 Responses to Turn $20 into $2000 for Feed the Need in Durham Food Bank–answer my $20 challenge #CarterDHL

  1. Above number does not reflect $20 donation by very generous Kerri King. Thanks Kerri! Sue 😀

  2. Above number does not reflect Tamara's $20 donation. Yippee. We're at $80 already!!!

  3. Great idea, Sue. You've got my $20. Facebooked and tweeted to share your plan with all my friends and family. Here's hoping you blast through that $2000 target. There are a lot of hungry people out there.

  4. Thanks Kerri King for donating $20 (reflected in above total).

  5. Thank you @Jason @Catherine and @Megan. God love your big hearts! The $20 is now x 12 or $240 thanks to all of you. Bless your great big hearts!

  6. Thanks to Joan and Mom too. We're now at $260!

  7. $240 donated securely online
    +$20 Tamara
    +$20 Megan
    +$20 Catharine
    $300 as at midnight 20111006

    Looking for 85 more people to take the $20 challenge so that total amount raised = $2,000.

    Will you take the $20 challenge?
    Will you share with your friends?
    Warning! It's going to feel good, so brace yourself LOL

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