Two more handy plugins for managing your media library

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about some tools to help manage your images and other media items. Here’s two other plug-ins which are really simple, but make life so much easier.

Enable Media Replace

media-replaceEvery time I install this plug-in, I’m amazed this isn’t already included in the WordPress toolkit. This handy little plug-in gives you an option to replace an image with another, rather than having to upload a new one. This is especially valuable if you want to make a change to an image which you’ve used in more than one place. A few tips:

  • Use a file of the same format as the one you’re replacing (like .gif, .jpg or .png)
  • When it asks ‘Select media replacement type:’, choose the default option ‘Just replace the file’ to ensure you don’t have any broken links anywhere on your site
  • Make a note of the title, description and alt text before you replace the image – you’ll have to add these back after you’ve done the upload

Regenerate Thumbnails

awtw-logo-square-poloroid-animatedIf you’re making any changes to, or adding new image sizes to your site, this plug-in will regenerate all of them.

To get techie – when you upload a file, WordPress creates a few different versions by default (a square thumbnail, small, medium, etc.), as well as keeping a copy of your original. By using the right size when you add the image to the page or post, visitors will see them quicker, as smaller sizes will download faster. Some themes and plug-ins will add more image sizes, or you can define these yourself using custom programming.

If you add or change one of these, your site may not have the correct size available in the images which you’ve already loaded. This tool will update every version of every image in your media library with just one click (so it may take a few minutes to complete). Once installed and activated, you’ll find this one under Tools > Regen. Thumbnails.  With over 1 million downloads, this is probably one of the most common plug-ins suggested for troubleshooting display issues on your site.

Have you found any must-have plug-ins for managing your media library or any other area of your WordPress site? I’d love to hear about them, so add them in the comments below.

If you need help finding more great tools like these for your site, or getting them installed and working, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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