[VIDEO] Twitter Acronyms Quiz

Illustration of the many ways one acronym can be interpretted

How many of the following ten Twitter shortcuts do you know?

  1. <3
  2. BTW
  3. DM
  4. FB
  5. FYI
  6. FF
  7. LI
  8. LOL
  9. NP
  10. RT

Please check your answers against the most popular meanings listed and type your (honest) answer in the comment field below.

  1. BTW = By the way
  2. DM = Direct Message
  3. FB = Facebook
  4. FYI = For your information
  5. FF = Follow Friday
  6. LI = LinkedIn
  7. LOL = Laughing out loud
  8. NP = No Problem
  9. RT = Retweet

Please note many acronymns have multiple meanings, so it’s always best to use long form if you’re not 100% sure the person you’re hoping will get your message, actually does!

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