Try this on LinkedIn…

Your LinkedIn Professional Headline is critical to your LinkedIn success and is often the only thing besides your name and location that people see.  LinkedIn describes it well when they say…

Your headline gives you a way to sum up your professional “identity” in a short phrase.

When you created your account, LinkedIn provided you with a headline based on what you entered, but you can do much better.  Here are four things you should consider when writing your LinkedIn Professional Headline:

  1. Take advantage of the space you have (35 characters)
  2. Sell yourself, not the company you work for
  3. Be sure it represents you well — in your target market’s eyes
  4. Include the keywords you expect your target market will type in when searching for someone like you.

Hope this is helpful and if you like this, you’ll likely enjoy other posts on this blog about LinkedIn and perhaps enjoy taking one of my upcoming lunchinars on LinkedIn.

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