Lights, Camera, Action! Top 4 Reasons to Use Camtasia

We’ve all heard the latest stats:

  • – 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • –  years of online video watched every day (500 years!!?)

There’s no denying it: online video is the new content and marketing king.

Is your business making movies? Many brands (especially small businesses) have held back from the video surge simply because they’re not sure how to get started. Doesn’t filming, editing, producing require someone with more technical know-how? Maybe a film degree or a media-mixing business?

The fact is, all sorts of software exists that allows the marketer to take the creative driver’s seat. Ready for the top 4 reasons Camtasia should be your go-to video tool?

 1. Versatility

Camtasia can create, edit and produce in a vast variety of file formats and resolutions, allowing you to format videos for your website or for mobile platforms. What’s more, Camtasia offers great recording options, including screen record, PowerPoint record, voiceover, and webcam, to name a few. No matter what your video project, Camtasia can handle it.

2. Control

Camtasia gives you complete editorial control. Happy with the slideshow recording but unhappy with the audio? No problem – re-record a voiceover. Need to zoom in on key information? You can do that. Furthermore, everything’s run out of your own office, giving you executive control over production schedules.

3. Cost-Effective Convenience

Camtasia downloads directly onto your computer so you can get started right away. Just pay a one-time fee and get your authentication key to access all its great features and tools.

*BONUS* Camtasia offers a 30-day free trial! How many videos can YOU make in 30 days? 

4. Creativity

Input the raw footage, then have fun dressing it up with special effect, music and sounds, voice-overs, picture-in-picture or transitions.

Not sure how to get started? Call AWEBthatWORKS today or REGISTER for next month’s online Camtasia training!

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