3 Things To Achieve Biggest Social Media Impact Possible

Loved this post by Oglivy “Time for Brands to Adopt a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy (and Why You Need One)” which highlights three things a company needs to do to achieve the biggest impact possible with Social Media Campaigns:

  1. Define their social brand — just how can they and should they participate in social media that is authentic to them. Not every company should put their 1,666 blogging employees in an aggregator like Microsoft.6 Not every brand should enlist women to tell men how they can score like Axe does via Facebook.
  2. Decide how to move your organization to adopt social media best practices via an Enterprise Change Framework.
  3. Establish a Marketing & Communications (Marcom) Social Media Engagement Framework outlining the best way for the organization to plan marcom programs.

If you need help getting more from your Social Media Campaign, please give me a call. It would be my pleasure to assist.

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