The Durham Region Love Campaign

durahmregionlovecompaigncaThe Durham Region Love Campaign is to focus on the positive, beauty and love found within the Durham Region. The Durham Region Love Campaign will be building a network that will spread the positive, beauty and love. Pictures of local areas, all seasons will be continuously created, along with picture layouts of special events. From time to time stories of positive and motivational things from local communities will be promoted through the network. Non profit and charities can use the network to promote themselves and fundraisers. An overall positive view of Durham Region and the communities within will be focused on, without negative influences. Only the beauty, positive and loving will be passed on!

To support and promote this, Community Digital Networks will be created to allow local businesses to assist in promoting the positive, beauty and love from Durham Region.

Through advertising on the digital network, businesses support the Durham Region Love Campaign. For the minimal cost of $25/month an advertising space will be created and placed throughout the Whitby Digital Network. An initial photo session and basic graphics work is included with the digital network & the digital network breaks down into 3 areas that the ads will be visible.

Digital Picture Frames:
The ad will be placed on the network of frames located at various locations throughout Whitby. The locations may vary from time to time but a minimum of 10 locations will be maintained at all times. The locations will be found on the website for the Durham Region Love Campaign that also contains links to each business advertising along with placement locations of frames. The frames will display a combination of images from the location placement, Whitby and Durham Region. The images will be updated 4 or more times throughout the year.

Social Networking:
Not only will the ads be placed within content created for the Durham Region Love Campaign. The campaign utilizes social networking sites that we will work with you to create an action plan to build, maintain and co-operatively work with the other businesses to promote your business. The main networking sites being utilized by the Durham Region Love Campaign are: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, others will be added in the future.

Printed Media:
There will be posters, flyers and other media created to promote activities by Durham Region Love Campaign. Small ads will be placed for those businesses advertising on the Whitby Digital Network.

For more information please book an information session with John 905 697-6295

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