“People Buy More If They See Your Eyes!”


Sue Sutcliffe, The Web Coach (Since 1993) says… “People Buy More If They See Your Eyes!”

So many people tell me they are ‘camera shy’ and I tell them they are missing out on business. People will buy more from someone they can connect with, and connecting is so much harder without eye contact. That’s exactly why our ‘finest’ wear shades!

A tight crop is always best. The bigger the eyes the better — but not too big — that’s spooky, or tone down the competition by adding people to your profile picture and reducing eye size, or eliminate it completely by using an inanimate object.

What ever you do, DON’T SHOW YOUR LOGO — it’s a kin to shoving your business card in someone’s face when a hello would’ve worked.  How would you like that?

The moral of the story is wear glasses if you must but cash register receipts will grow in proportion to the amount of eye contact you allow your customers to make with you.

Sue Sutcliffe’s #SocialMediaSpaces Secrets?

  • Put up your spouse on weekends and you’ll notice that communication goes down so you can spend time with your honey.
  • Put up your family on holidays and you’ll notice that communication goes even farther down so you can actually spend enough time with them to get them to put down their devices 😀
  • Put up an inanimate object and people will stop talking to you altogether, but you won’t be connecting, so your chance of writing business in this mode is slim to none.
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