On the ninth day of Christmas, Sue Sutcliffe gave to me… 9 Durham Portals

    Another Metroland publication!
    Event Calendars in Durham Region
    Movie listings, coupons & more in Durham Region
    Business/organization databases in Durham Region
    Durham Home & Small Business Association
    Before You Shop Be ShopAware!
    The Durham Region Association for Volunteer Administration
    The largest business organization in Durham Region
    Free local classifieds

8 Google gadgets
7 Money makers
6 business bibles
5 Website tests
4 Website links
3 Search sites
2 Podcasts, and
a chance to win a cool prize pack!

3 Responses to On the ninth day of Christmas, Sue Sutcliffe gave to me… 9 Durham Portals

  1. Ed says:

    Thanks for being so sweet and for promoting the DHSBA as well.

    Thanks again, and just another message for all about Sue,

    she helped me out of a very bad website company who, was not doing as they should be doing, my website was down constantly email, what email, it did not work for over 7 weeks. I had tried emailing and phone calls for over 5 weeks with no response, and no fixes either.

    I asked Sue, who can I call and complain to. Well, she took the bull by the horns, took some info from me and voilà,, within 1.5 hrs, she had cancelled my connection with the deadbeat company, and moved it to another site, via address pointing or something, and I had email again, fully functioning website again, all for no monetary gain.

    Imagine what she can do for you, a customer?

    Ed, a happy customer, in the near future 🙂

  2. Duchess O'Blunt says:

    No this is good information! Awesome! Thank you for putting this list together.

  3. is another portal that's popped up in Durham. Has a great WIFI list, and employers who are hiring too.

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