NextGen NivoSlider adds oomph to your images

Like our post last week about NextGEN Player Template, this is another great example of a plug-in which ties into the NextGen gallery plug-in.  The NextGen NivoSlider plug-in will amp up your slideshows using the very popular NivoSlider tools.

One of the best features of this plug-in is that it is fully responsive, so your slideshows won’t present a challenge to mobile visitors.

Like most plugins, this one uses a shortcode so you can easily add a slideshow anywhere on your site.  Entering [ngg-nivoslider]  will show a slideshow of all the photos you’ve loaded using NextGen Gallery. Under ‘WordPress Dashboard’ > ‘Gallery’ > ‘NivoSlider’ you can also select from 5 different themes, which change the look of the frame, the back/next buttons, and more.


There are a ton of parameters which you can add to your shortcode to do things like:

  • Only show images from a particular gallery
    [ngg-nivoslider gallery=1]
  • Make your slideshow a different size
    [ngg-nivoslider width=”260″ height=”250″]
  • Shuffling the order of the images to be random
    [ngg-nivoslider shuffle=”true”]
  • Show captions (either alt text or description) below each slide
    [ngg-nivoslider caption=”alttext”]
  • Choose the transition effect on your slides (there are 16 to choose from like slicing, folding, fading, random, box, and more!)
    [ngg-nivoslider effect=”fade”]
  • Speed of the slide changes, and how long the transition lasts
    [ngg-nivoslider animspeed=”300″ pausetime=”5000″]

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