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WordPress Wednesdays LogoWant a powerful gallery tool for your website?

Look no further than NextGEN Gallery. This is far and away the best tool for organizing your photos and displaying them to visitors.

First, the uploader tool allows you to add an unlimited number of photos to each gallery with just two clicks, so it is really quick to set up. Once you’ve loaded your galleries, you can display images using:

  •  A gallery of thumbnail images (and you can set a custom size for these images as well)
  •  An album, which is a collection of galleries and can be displayed in a compact or extended format
  •  A basic slideshow which animates between the images in the gallery you’ve chosen
  •  A single image, which can be inserted anywhere using the ‘Add Media’ link on any post or page, just as you would for any other media item
  •  A tagcloud, based on the tags which are assigned to each image (this is what we use for the AWEBthatWORKS portfolio)

There is a paid version of the plug-in which offers some additional display templates, but with all the features included in the basic version, most sites won’t require those add-ons.

Depending on your needs, you may wish to do some custom programming (or have the AWEBthatWORKS programmers do this for you) to create custom displays for your galleries and albums.  As well, there are a host of other plugins which tie into this tool, and increase the display options available to you. We’ll bring you examples of a few of these in the upcoming weeks.

If you’re struggling to organize your images, need some help customizing their display, or have any other issues with your site, we’d love to help.  Call us today at 1-800-579-9253 to a book a free consultation so we can determine the best course of action.

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