How to ask for an INTRODUCTION on LinkedIn

LinkedIn iconOne of the beautiful things about LinkedIn is that it makes it easy for your associates to introduce you to their contacts, and everyone knows a warm lead is far better than a cold one.

Asking for an introduction via LinkedIn is easy!

  1. Go to the profile of the person you want to get introduced to.
  2. If you see mutual connections displayed on the right of the page, choose the person who would be best to make the introduction.
  3. Click Request an intro which will take you to a text box where you can explain why you’re asking for an introduction.
  4. Click Ask for an introduction which is the message you wish forwarded to the person you want to be introduced to.

Your contact will receive an email asking for the introduction and with one click can pass it along. Assuming they do this, and the person being introduces accepts the introduction, you will be linkedin up on LinkedIn and be able to exchange information directly.

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