Hiding Blog Posts or Blog Categories from your WordPress site

WordPress Wednesdays LogoSometimes you’ll post items to your website, but for whatever reason you don’t want them available in all the standard spots. We’ve done this before when:

  • You have posts which you don’t want to send out to your social media spaces from your automated RSS feed imports
  • You’re using WordPress to group together posts which you’re including in a custom page instead of your blog, like testimonials
  • You imported a ton of old posts from another site, and don’t want them included in your archive

If you have sporadic, individual posts which you want completely hidden try Stealth Publish.  In the publish options on each post, you’ll see a new checkbox for ‘Stealth Publish’  which will hide just that post from everywhere (the front page, widgets and the rss feeds).  Anyone will be able to access the post if they have the link, and search engines will likely find it as well, so this isn’t a good option for actually protecting your content.

If you have entire categories which you don’t want included, try Ultimate Category Excluder which will let you choose to hide an entire category from a variety of locations – the Front page, Archives, Feeds & Searches.  This plug-in can be set up quickly and easily.

For more detailed options, try Advanced Category Excluder.  You can choose to exclude any post category from any of the following: Archive, Home Page, RSS Feeds, Search and Pages.  You can also exclude Pages from the Archive, Home Page, Search, Pages, Single Posts, and stop search engines from indexing them.  There are even tools built in to exclude Links, Link Categories, and excluding by tags is in the works.  This plug-in is a bit trickier to configure because there are so many more options.

Lastly, I have occasionally used UCE in conjunction with Category Excluder from Theme Customizer, if you’re having an especially hard time hiding the categories.  Typically this happens when you add posts to a ‘published’ and ‘hidden’ category, and they should be hidden in the Archives widget.

If you need some help wrangling your blog categories, give us a shout at 1-800-579-9253. Your first consultation is free!

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