Feeding your WordPress blog with Facebook deliciousness

WordPress Wednesdays LogoI know many of you find it much easier posting to Facebook, and leave your blog out in the cold. This is an almost-as-good remedy for adding great content to your website. A few easy steps, and you’re ready to rock!

Thanks to Stacey and David Rodrigues, I’ve found out how to import your Facebook posts into your blog. *squeals* So excited!

Once you have this URL, you can use an RSS importer to bring in your Facebook posts. WordPress has a built-in widget, if you just want to display the post titles, or you can use a plug-in like FeedWordPress to import the complete posts.

One caveat – you don’t want to use this if you’re already feeding your posts to Facebook automatically, as they’ll cause a loop and make a big mess of your page and your blog.

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