Need A Facebook Cover?


Have you seen the new Facebook covers? These specialty images at the top of your page, profile and group are visitors’ first introduction to your brand. Demonstrate your professionalism and style with a snazzy cover that showcases your brand’s best moments!

Need Some Inspiration?

Send us:

  • your vision for a Facebook cover
  • the URL for your Facebook Page, Profile or Group
  • the URL of your website (brand image)
  • any images you want included

…and we’ll design a personalized cover for your brand!

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4 Responses to Need A Facebook Cover?

  1. Hi! I'd love to see your examples but they can't be seen on an iPad. There's just a white space where they should be. Any plans to make the site mobile compatible? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your feedback Coleen. I didn't realize there were compatibility problems with Flickr's slideshow code. Here is the direct link. Would love to know if you are able to see the examples with that direct link. If not, I'll find a way to get them to you. Thanks again for visiting/commenting on our blog! Sue 😀

  2. *oops* Here's the link for sure this time…
    Please let me know.
    Sue 😀

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