Facebook app removal in 5 Easy Steps!

Facebook has 1.5 Billion Monthly Active UsersHave you’ve played a game, participated in a survey or logged on using facebook?  If so, you’ve authorized a 3rd party facebook app and you might be interested in these Facebook app removal instructions.

What is a 3rd party app and why would I be concerned about Facebook app removal?

Although there are some facebook apps e.g. events, notes, etc. that come with facebook, most are developed by 3rd partes  looking for data they can exploit — or sell to someone who will exploit.

Before downloading a Facebook app

As a user, you’ll want to ensure that the organziation who developed the app is trustworthy before downloading it, as there are many that are not and are simply trying to get information about you and your friends.

Suspect you’ve downloaded a 3rd party facebook app you don’t trust and want Facebook app removal instructions?

Please scroll down for how to take care of Facebook app removal in following five steps:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click Apps in the left menu
  4. Hover over the app or game you’d like to remove
  5. Click x

Hope you found these Facebook FAQ helpful. For more Facebook FAQs, please search our website or visit . If you experience any difficulty with these Facebook FAQs, please add a note in the comments and we’ll circle back and update them to keep up with facebook’s ever changing interface.

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