Website testing and quality control is an essential – but often forgotten – step in any Internet marketing campaign.

How does your website rate?

  1. Accessible – is your site accessible to those with disabilities?
  2. Branding – is the brand well represented?
  3. Broken Links – are broken links discouraging your visitors?
  4. Communication – is key information e.g. phone number & call to action above the fold?
  5. Concise – is key messaging communicated compellingly?
  6. Cross-Browser Compatibility – does your site load properly in the major web browsers?
  7. Email Forms – can your visitors count on their emails being delivered to you?
  8. Look & Feel – how can you polish your site design?
  9. Responsiveness – how does your site ‘respond’ to different smartphones and tablets?
  10. Speed – how fast does your site load?
  11. Search Engine Optimization – are all your websites optimized?
  12. Spelling & Grammar – does your site sound professional?
  13. Usability – Is it easy to use / engage with?
  14. Validation – is your website code up-to-date and professional?

How does your website rate?

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