Don’t forget the ‘social’ in social media!

Don't forget the social in social mediaThis morning’s blog post is about how it’s critical to keep the ‘social’ in social media, because in as much as social media can be the best thing since sliced bread for your business, it can also hurt you and your reputation if you forget the ‘social’ part. Here is one example.

On February 26th, a gentleman asked to me to connect with him on LinkedIn, sending the default message rather than customizing the message — a more social approach.


Later that day I picked up his invitation, reviewed his profile, saw that we had friends and other interests in common and thought I’d strike up a conversation. Here’s how that conversation went…

non social conversation on linkedin

Not only did the guy pitch his services before expressing any interest in my business


He has the nerve to ask me to refer him to my friends before we’ve even met!


When I don’t answer (within one day) He then asks again and proceeds to share that he’s “saved my clients thousands of dollars with their investments and help strategize for debt reduction” yet from his profile it shows he’s only been in the business for a month which breaks the one rule you cannot with me, and that is trust!


I then tell him that I have family the business, and he goes on to infer that that might not be a good choice since most of his clients (gathered in the last month) “prefer to work with a non-family member” and have “multiple advisors” and suggests I get a “second opinion:


Although I typically don’t recommend unlinking from contacts on linkedin —  they will know if they go to send you a message or visit your page or you come up in search results —  when someone won’t take no for an answer, you don’t really have a choice, so, today’s social media lesson?


  1. Visit their linkedin profile
  2. Click on the arrow beside the “Send a message” button
  3. Click on ‘Remove connection” link.

Hope you don’t need to do this, but if you do, you’ll find more information about how to unlink a contact on LinkedIn in LinkedIn’s Help Section.

Social media is a double edged sword. Use yielded correctly it brings power. Wield it without respect and it will cut you.

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