Creating engaging WordPress sidebar widgets

WordPress Wednesdays LogoOne of our earlier posts was about making pretty sidebar widgets.  In the past, we’ve suggested that you can format all your code using a page or post (so you can use the toolbar tools), and then copy and paste the code from the text tab into your sidebar.

I take your copy and paste, and raise you one plugin!

Head on into your dashboard, and install the WYSIWYG Widgets plugin.  WYSIWYG stands for ‘What You See Is What You Get’ – you click bold, it turns bold, click center, text is centered.  The alternative to this is writing the html code yourself, which most people don’t need to learn.

WYSIWYG Widget EditorOnce you’ve installed and activated the plugin, go into the new item on the left side of your dashboard – Widget Blocks.  You can add a new sidebar item here just like you would a page or a post.  Keep in mind that your content will be narrow, to fit into your sidebar.  You may even want to reduce your browser window to get an idea of how everything will appear.  Add in all your text, images and styling, even shortcodes, just like you would if you were creating a post or page, and then choose ‘Publish’.  This won’t appear anywhere just yet, we need to do one more step.

To add your new, beautiful widget to your site, go into Appearance > Widgets, pull the WYSIWYG Widget over to your sidebar, choose the block you’d like to show, and click ‘Save’.  If you refresh the page, you’ll see your bar.  If it needs any tweaks, you can make those and it will update automatically in the sidebar.

Voila!  Quick, easy, fantastic looking widgets for your sidebar!

Custom WYSIWYG Widget

I’d love to see the widgets you create using this tool!  Add your link to the comments below so we can all how this plug-in makes your website work better.  If you need help getting this plug-in going, or anything else on your site, we do offer support packages on WordPress – call us at 1-800-579-9253 to find out more.

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