Content Challenges for Responsive Websites

WordPress Wednesdays LogoSo, you’re ready to make a responsive design for your website?  Maybe you’re already using a responsive theme?  A few quick tips about your content that you’ll want to consider:


You’ll want to ensure that you have code in place to shrink the images, as well as the copy on the site.  This is easy to define in your stylesheet, but ensure you haven’t skipped this step.


When you embed most videos on your site, they’ll be set at a particular size.  If this is larger than the screen of visitors, the edges will be cut off.  I’ve found the best way to manage videos is using a responsive video embed plugin, like Advanced Responsive Video Embedder which gives you an easy one-click button for pasting in video URLs.


Many of the most popular sliders are not designed to be responsive.  Like images and videos, you want them to shrink down to fit on any sized screen.  We’ve been working with a new slider called Soliloquy Lite, which has great responsive code built right in.  For more advanced usage, they do offer a Pro version, which for only $19 is a steal!


Tables aren’t used much on the internet these days, but if you do have tabular data, you’ll want to have a look at how this works on the smaller screens.  Your table may shrink too far and squish all the content, or stay too big, forcing a side-to-side scroll.  You may need to redesign this content, either for all visitors, or a special version just for your mobile viewers.

Lastly, once you get the responsive design added to the site, do a click through all of your most popular pages, a good sampling of posts, and if possible, do this on a few different devices, or using different emulators.  I’ve been using the Opera Mobile Emulator, which works really well.  There are also add-ons and extensions for Firefox and Chrome which you may wish to investigate.

Need some help with getting your site responsive?  Contact Team AWEBthatWORKS – we’d love to help!

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