Can Facebook mix business and pleasure?

Think Facebook is just the latest computer fad for teens? Think again. Fast, free and friendly, Facebook is revolutionizing the way smart organizations market their products, services and events. In today’s marketplace, relationship-building is proving more effective than hard-sell marketing. And relationship-building is the name of the game with Facebook.

This number one Internet hangout was designed to facilitate social networking, but it adapts beautifully to business networking. Facebook’s forte – friend-finding – makes it perfect for finding, connecting with, and organizing business prospects. Imagine — over 175 million active users who can spread your message through their networks of friends.

Facebook’s broad e-community invites you to introduce yourself to others and provides intuitive tools that suggest mutual friends and people you’d like to meet. Businesspeople can easily create and sort a virtual rolodex of “faces.” In fact, the site’s search function will sift through the millions of user profiles to target your preferred mix of age, sex, occupation, and other demographic factors.

It takes only a few minutes of clicking through menus to set up an account and develop a profile that advertises your website, your service or product and your friendly, smiling face. Rather than sharing an individual’s preferences, a commercial Facebook profile paints a vivid portrait of an organization’s passions, its goals and its character – in essence, a public yet personal face that visitors can explore, and an excellent complement to the firm’s formal website.

A well-written profile can stimulate and reinforce brand awareness, solicit feedback, drive website traffic and announce news. The conversations you engage in can build your reputation as an innovator, a leader and an expert resource. Facebook’s transparent and viral nature means your message gets read and passed around like the old Clairol commercial: “And they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on…” Best of all, it’s virtually cost-free.

At a time when the “R” word prompts worried frowns and fiscal restraint, Facebook is escalating into a promising — and economical — business tool to reach a burgeoning client base. So drop by, shake some hands, make some friends. And let’s do business.

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