BOGO (Buy One, Give One)(Clarington) AWEBthatWORKS announces an exciting opportunity for both business and not for profit organizations through their new sharing plan called, Buy One – Give One or BOGO.   When a business purchases regularly priced internet marketing training from AWEBthatWORKS, a not for profit organization is invited to attend with them for FREE!

Owner, Sue Sutcliffe embraces social responsibility as a key deliverable of her business and has provided at-cost internet marketing workshops and webinars for the not for profit sector for many years but decided she could do even better by engaging business in “paying it forward”.  Recognizing that many businesses would like to do more for their community but financial and time constraints often create a barrier, Sue wanted to share the opportunity to do something great for their community.  Through Buy One – Give One, AWEBthatWORKS will provide a free workshop to a not for profit organization with every workshop purchased by a business.  Both organizations will attend at the same time which also adds to increased networking and awareness opportunities.

Sue Sutcliffe, internet pioneer and internet marketing specialist, stated that “when a not for profit organization gains skills in internet marketing, they have a greater capacity to provide information to their clients and donors. Most importantly, they are also able to reduce their administrative costs and that results in increased funds to direct service.”

According to businesses and not for profits, the Buy One – Give One Away Campaign is a win-win for everyone with a truly lasting impact!

One of the first participants in the program, Lois McIntosh from North House Transitional Housing describes their earlier website as dated and difficult to manage.  They were unable to post current information because hiring a web developer was cost prohibitive.  Since attending the workshop she is able to provide timely information specific to their different stakeholders and acknowledge their donors.  Tracking the activity on their site has been a useful tool to help them become even more effective. Lois said that she received even more than she needed and that “the staff from a AWEBthatWORKS were patient and helpful.”

Sue states “So many of my business associates would like to do more but either do not have the time or the money to invest.  BOGO is a way that entrepreneurs can invest in their own business and their community. A win win for everyone!

For more information please contact:

Sue Sutcliffe, The Web Coach (Since 1993)
AWEBthatWORKS @ 1-800-579-9253 ext.119

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