Are you looking for a speaker that will inspire and engage your audience about website and social media marketing?

Sue Sutcliffe is a recognized Internet pioneer that has been helping people market their products and services on the web since 1993 — long before most people even knew what the web was.

When search engines and Google rankings first hit the market, Sue mastered search engine optimization. When Facebook became the craze, Sue showed savvy business people how to leverage social media to extend their networks.  Sue is a leader in her industry, the business world and her community.

Witty, passionate and clever, this dynamic entrepreneur loves sharing the website and social media marketing love through regular webinars, live events and hands-on training events. She also has a booming coaching practice at AWEBthatWORKS where she coaches her clients on website and social media marketing as well as social networking — both online and off.

Noted speaker, web coach and social media strategist, Sue surfs the waves and explores the frontiers of cyberspace and believes it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it that matters.

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