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Wonderful and informative workshop.~ Axel Mezefrike

Thank you for the refresher, I’d forgotten how easy this was and your demonstration was clear and concise; GREAT particularly since I have different browsers on different computer. Smart! ~ Sharon Anne

You had the audience the entire time.~ Brenda Andrews

You have a gift for public speaking.~ Cate Gibson

I was very impressed by your presentation last month and we now have Facebook Customers – Thanks to you !~ Cindy Sullivan, Avon

Our business switched over to AWEBthatWORKS several months ago, after repeated issues with our existing web host.
Since that time I have been very happy with our decision. Our website loads faster, has very limited downtime, handles larger volumes of traffic and in every way is an improvement over our previous host.
Especially notable is the excellent customer service we have received. The people at AWEBthatWORKS are efficient, considerate and genuinely care about creating a quality product to serve their customers.
I would readily recommend AWEBthatWORKS!~ Andrew McKay

I recently had the opportunity to attend a 3 hour seminar facilitated by Sue Sutcliffe, and I was blown away. Sue’s depth of knowledge in the field of Social Networking is extremely impressive and seems limitless. However what really grabbed me was the energy and passion Sue puts into the seminar, I was enthralled from beginning to end. I spent over 8 years in corporate training with Durham College and I have seen and hired my fair share of trainers. Some very good and some not so good. I feel very comfortable in saying that Sue Sutcliffe is amongst the best I have ever seen. I know that I will be attending many more of Sue’s seminars and I would encourage anyone reading this to do the same.
~ Colin S. McCarthy, Accessibility Advantage

You are a great public speaker!~ Darlene Blades, Gentle Hands Restoration

You are a true visionary!~ David Cohen, Small Business Big Ideas

Whether on the podium or in the classroom, one – on – one or one – on – a – hundred – and – one, Sue inspires, entertains, illuminates, simplifies. She leads by example, sharing practical strategies, common – sense solutions and her warm personality with the business world and her community. Pioneers explore: Sue Sutcliffe forges ahead in her business, creating paths, finding solutions. She invites you to follow along for an exciting voyage of discovery.~ David Swain, President, Durham PC Users Club

We are on the threshold of a brave new world of Instant Communications. Mass Media and volumes of print media ads are giving way to unprecedented marketing tools offering laser-like targeting to specific audiences.

Leading the charge in education of these Social Media methodologies is the ever buoyant Sue Sutcliffe of A Web That Works.

Jargon in any industry is powerfully intimidating to an outsider. Happily, Sue quickly demystifies the foreign terms of ‘Blogging’ and ‘Google Analytics’ . She gives the neophyte (and the more experienced Internet user) a step by step painless baptism into the realm of Social Media and how we can learn (independently or with her guidance) to use them as potential powerful business building tools- for any business.

Clearly one seminar as we witnessed Tuesday morning merely scratches the surface of burgeoning possibilities. Sue’s relaxed and easy presentation style fits well with the subject. She’s very social about the benefits of Social Media. She eased a few fears I had and I’ll be implementing a couple of her tidbits (begin blogging and use multiple Social Media venues) to get the messages of my business out there.

Well done Sue. I have every confidence my fellow attendees echo the same appreciation for your expertise.~ Dennis Kelly, President, First Impressions Media

Thanks so much I enjoyed your presentation. ~ Diane Moore

Take a bow Sue. You did a great job. Left a comment on Looks like you are on your way to your next career.~ Donna McAllister, Propose Write

You two were wonderful! I have talked to a few of the students and they said it was their best session EVER. Krista was inspired; Jesse, well I think he is mesmerized by Sue; and Alex for the first time was actually engaged in a training session thanks to Heather. With such a diverse range of ages and businesses, it is difficult to keep the group engaged and cohesive. But you both pulled it of with ease. You two should consider a traveling facilitator show – I can just imagine Sue’s mind working all ready. Too bad you are both such busy women because I saw some great mentor connections happening. I thank you for sharing your time and knowledge, it is greatly appreciated.~ Donna McAllister, Business Advisory Centre Durham

Your presentation walked us through a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap to marketing success. Web wizard, marketing guru, dynamic speaker — who knew learning could be so much fun?~ Heather O’Connor, Merlin Writes

I wanted to complement you on your finesse answering all of our questions. The web is a very mysterious thing for those of us who have not entered the electronic age and you have the ability to tell us in simple terms. A great skill in this day of jargon. ~ Janet O’Mara, Gregory Consulting

I wanted to thank you for your seminar last night at Essential Communications. It was very powerful and inspiring to me, and validated that I am going about my newly launched business (May 2006) in many positive ways.~ Kelly Weldrick, Makeup in Motion

Dear Sue: Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job leading the Social Media Workshops in Whitby and Brock for our Durham Tourism / Brock Economic Development stakeholders last week. Kristyn and I have had so many positive responses as a result.

We really appreciate the wonderful work that you always do in our community. You are a true leader. Looking forward to continued work with you in the future! Thanks so much to you, Katy and your team at A Web that Works – you are doing a superb job!~ Kerri King, The Regional Municipality of Durham – Economic Development & Tourism

The training session last night was great! Definitely learned a lot from it. Sue is a great trainer as she is incredibly enthusiastic – I could really see why her business does so well!~ Krista Jorgensen

Great Job! Everyone really enjoyed your presentation and I think people really got a lot out of it.~ Lisa Stots, Documents on the Go

Congratulations on the sold out meeting for tonight! What a turnout!~ Lorna Weston-Smyth, Specialty Paint Finishes

Thank you for all your knowledge and energy last night. You really got me thinking.~ Margaret Pierson, CKD

I want to thank you for a great workshop yesterday. I know that I speak for every-one that attended they learned tonnes.~ Mayor Larry O’Connor, Brock Township

I really enjoyed your workshop last night.~ Monica Olenroot

I’ve been to Social Media Boot Camp hosted by Durham Tourism and I was so impressed that I booked a private consultation with Sue to set us up. We have a Country Inn & Spa called HighFields and it’s about time we understood social media. I am very confident that Sue is the right mentor.~ Norma Daniel, HighFields Country Inn and Spa

It was great meeting you yesterday at the SEB Success Night. You were fantastic and we had a great time.~ Paul & Tiffany St-Germain, ShopAware

Thanks so much for the excellent tips last night … your energy is amazing!~ Susan Legare

Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the SEB Success Night last night. Your presentation was interesting, informative and best of all — fun! You have a great presence and your honest, caring nature and expert knowledge really comes across to your audience. Great job!!

Your presentation was dynamic, interactive, entertaining and chock-full of priceless marketing tidbits. I can clearly see why you’re pursuing professional speaking — you’re brilliant! ~ Theresa Ameloot, Pegasus Legal Solutions

You’re amazing! Your spirit and goodwill created and animated the whole evening and I’m getting more and more how much you are a force for creativity and leadership in your communities – Tyrone and women entrepreneurs to name just two. It is my great fortune to have met you and to be associated with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!.~ Wenda Abel, Brilliant!

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