4 Tips for Top-Notch Webpage Titles

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Page titles are crucial to your SEO success. Think about it: when people search, the title is the first line of every result and the actual link that accesses your webpage. If doesn’t sound good, why click would they through?

To write successful title, savvy webmasters strike a careful balance between description and relevance, and branded and unique content.

Check out our 4 top tips for crafting keyword-conscious, spam-free, engaging webpage titles:

1. Be Descriptive

Your title should make it instantly clear to a reader what your page is about. If it doesn’t, they won’t stick around and you’ve lost a potential client.

2. Be Concise

That said, it’s important to walk the line between descriptive and concise. Over-long titles can turn off bother readers and search engines. Keep your words clear and to the point. Remember: many search engines only show the first 70 characters (about 8 words) of a title.

3. Don’t Keyword Stuff

If a few keywords are good, aren’t more better? Absolutely not. Search engines and web users are often turned off by blatant keyword spamming (yes, that’s what it’s called). Select your most relevant 1-3 keywords to sprinkle creatively into your title for optimum value.

4. Brand Wisely

Katy always includes “WordPress Wednesdays” at the front of her series’ post titles. This lets reader know what they’re getting and brands the feature posts. However, if she branded every posts with “WordPress Wednesdays – Katy’s weekly feature on WordPress and all its awesome stuff” – well! Suddenly, she’d have no room in the title for the specific focus because she’s eaten up the search engine’s efforts and her readers’ patience with her boilerplate. Be judicious and find a balance between branded and unique content in your titles.

Need more tips on crafting titles with that “come-hither” air? Check out the Google Webmaster forums or give us a call. We’re always glad to help!

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