4 SEO Tips for Success

Multicoloured bar graph with "Google Analytics"Everyone wants to rank higher on Google, but if your website sounds like a keyword soup, your traffic won’t stay ’til dessert. Likewise, if your marketing plan is inconsistent and jumps from trend to trend, none of your efforts will stick.

Check out these 4 SEO tips:

Put Yourself in a Seacher’s Shoes

Pondering keywords? Remember: it’s not all about you. You know your brand inside out, jargon and all. Your consumer base does not. You may be thinking “pattens, platforms and pumps,” while your client’s thinking “shoes.”

Think about the words your searchers are most likely to use. Ask you team what words they hear when talking to clients. Ask non-industry friends how they would search your brand. Now take these keywords, mix in your industry jargon, and ensure your pages and posts are sprinkled (not drowned!) with search engine seasoning.

Talk to your Team

Communication is crucial. Your web writers can’t include the right keywords if they haven’t seen an SEO report, and your research team can’t come up with the best keywords if marketing doesn’t copy them in on the latest campaign strategies.

As part of your online strategy, craft clear launch procedures and communication trees. Successful websites produce constant content. Make sure someone is keeping a record of the content and marketing accordingly. Searchers should be able to find every drop of new content, from webpages to tweets to videos.

Drop Breadcrumbs

Ensure that your website’s navigation is clean and easy-to-follow, not just for visitors, but for search bots. Give your pages relevant titles, and tag intelligently. Add keyword-rich meta-descriptions to pages, images, videos – the works! Include internal links (e.g., link back to an earlier blog post or to a product page).

Google crawlers will gobble up your breadcrumbs and come back for more!

Keep it Fresh

At the end of the day, new content is the #1 way to boost your search engine rankings. Those web crawlers love to gobble up new treats, so serve up something fresh on a regular basis. Blog consistently. Keep your social media spaces up to date. Update your product listings. Optimize for mobile users.

If you can produce regular, relevant content, your traffic will return and your rankings will improve. Make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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  1. sohel parvez says:

    Anne, your list is the most crucial factor for any website search engine organic ranking. but i believe you forgot to add about social importance. you know Google is dedicated to combat with web spam, and regularly updating their algo for move up high quality websites over low quality websites when user search for anything. I prefer social share instead of low quality random backlinks, what's your word about it. thanks

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