3 Reasons You Need Google Webmaster Tools

Get the data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site:

Give Your Website a Checkup

Check your site’s health against Google’s database of potential bugs, issues and malware reports. Furthermore, Google Webmaster Tools checks crawl rates and errors, which will let you know if you site loads quickly and whether any pages are returning errors, e.g. “Page Not Found.”

Read a Traffic Report

Google Webmaster provides analytics to better understand your search traffic. Discover how visitors are finding your website. Check on search queries and backlinks to trace the route your traffic takes. Conduct a keyword report to discover which words are most important on your site. Google Webmaster includes geographic targeting options, and syncs with Google+, providing +1 reports and activity.

Optimize Your Site

Google Webmaster provides the tools and data needed to optimize for Google search engines. By using this integrated system, Google can better understand and represent your site. Webmaster tools offer HTML improvement suggestions, and allows you to add a sitemap. Google Webmaster also ties in to Google Analytics for a streamlined process.

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